Wait, what?
Most of us struggle with planning just the one! But for Alex Pelling & Lisa Grant, one wedding ceremony is all just a bit too mainstream.

Wedding #1 (of 30) in Manchester

In a Daily Mail Online article, Manchester couple Pelling & Grant happily recount their plans to have a ceremony in EVERY COUNTRY that they visit in an epic two-year, 30-country trip.
Sounds like a budget-buster to end all budgets. But, with a price-tag estimated at £50,000 (approximately $80,380 CAD), the couple really isn’t spending more than some do on just the one day. Granted, the groom did sell both his business AND his home to pay for this whirlwind escapade. But that’s neither here nor there.
The couple plans to immerse themselves in the culture of each country/ceremony and say they’re even planning their own romantic version of the Mile High Club with an in-flight ceremony. Cheeky, cheeky.
I do hope they’re documenting all of this. I’d totally watch it on TLC, wouldn’t you?

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