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With only 95 days until LX & I tie the proverbial knot, the Merry Month of May seems to have slipped away with very little in the way of updating my little corner of the blogosphere. I’ve somehow managed to accumulate about 2 dozen partially completed projects (half-written blog posts, a couple of stagnating creative writing attempts, several poems that have failed to launch and a number of photographs still sitting on memory cards) and no time to finish them. Okay, that’s not entirely true… there’s always time. It’s a matter of prioritizing how you fill said time.

This past month has involved a LOT of wedding-y type things. But I’m happy to say that all the designing, second-guessing, redesigning, writing, fretting, and re-writing has come to an end and our invitations have all been printed and mailed. Le PHEW! As well, quite a few of the DIY details have been taken care of and, I do believe, I’ve freed up a huge block of personal creative time for myself.
I, for one, am WELL pleased with this.

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Had anyone tried to tell me that I would one day run a 10k, get blisters on my pinkie toes so bad that I would spend an entire afternoon limping around like an arthritic senior citizen & that I’d like it… I’d have told them to put the pipe down and spend a good week or so sobering up.
But a few weeks ago, all of those things actually took place. And I felt AMAZING. I’m not kidding. I felt like a freakin’ Super Hero. I didn’t run fast. I didn’t even come close (1 hour & 24 minutes, to be exact). But I did, in fact, run the entirety of the route. I didn’t stop to walk and I enjoyed every single, sweaty moment of it.
Despite the agonizingly early start to my day (an alarm sounding at 5 am is unnecessary at the best of times… nevermind a Sunday morning) and the anxiety-inducing weather forecast (thunderstorms were predicted – NOT what a girl who’s already got blisters from training wants to hear; wet feet are not a runner’s best friend), the entire experience could not have gone more swimmingly. Well, okay, I could have scored a 48 minute finish. But let’s be realistic.
I can’t imagine a better route for a first time 10Ker than the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto. With the exception of a few hundred metres to the contrary, the entire 10 kilometers is DOWNHILL. How brilliant is that? And, in addition to the scores of good-natured folks who line the distance simply to cheer you on, there were live bands positioned along the way as well. And hearing a band break into a Primus song as you’re rounding into the final few kilometers, incidentally, is one HECK of a rallying cry – Adrenalin Ahoy!
Would I recommend this distraction to a friend? Without question. Would I do it again? Absolutely. In fact, I have another 10k scheduled for the weekend before I say my I Dos. Which reminds me: I must invest in some blister-preventing socks so I don’t end up having to hobble down the aisle.

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