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Toronto’s Bridal Show & Last Bride Standing have joined forces for a 3-day event of tantrums, tiaras and bridal meltdowns. Okay, I don’t know that for sure. But there is a 3-day event. And I’m quite certain that there will be tiaras. The tantrums and meltdowns will be at the discretion of the attendees.
So, what is Last Bride Standing? According to their website, it’s: “a contest where Brides-to-Be compete against each other for over $100,000 in Wedding Packages including a free 250 person Wedding reception. All they have to do is BE THE LAST ONE STANDING with their hand on the wall.” God help us. (Apologies to fans of the genre, but Reality TV leaves a bad taste in my mouth… just sayin’.)

But a Bridal Show is a Bridal Show. And if you’ve got planning to do (or you just like the general atmosphere of weddings and all the accompanying trimmings), I say get yourself to the Toronto Congress Centre. Plus, if you’re into reality shows this is definitely the spot for you to let your tenacious Bride-to-Be colours fly!
The contest itself gets underway April 27 in Woodbridge, Ontario and runs until… well, the Last Bride is Standing. First prize is valued at almost $70,000, so if you don’t mind looking like a crazy freak show (and even if you don’t in real life, you’ll be playing one on TV after editing gets through with you) then sign yourself up!
The Last Bride Standing Bridal Show takes place April 30 to May 2, 2010 at the Toronto Congress Centre (which, technically is in Etobicoke – 650 Dixon Road, to be exact. Not exactly the downtown core.)
Show hours:
Friday: 5pm – 10pm | Saturday: 10am – 9pm | Sunday: 10am – 6pm

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It goes without saying that Vera Wang knows what she’s doing when she slaps together a frock. With wedding gowns that can fetch up to $13,000, though, this isn’t likely to be what the more frugal bride is sporting as she waltzes down the aisle.
But take heed all you brides-to-be with Champagne tastes and Wine Cooler budgets! It was announced two days ago that a partnership between Wang and David’s Bridal would be launching a new bridal collection with gowns priced under $1,500. That’s a pretty remarkable price tag for something by Ms. Wang.
And, though we don’t have any David’s Bridal locations up here in Canada (by the way, David’s Bridal – what’s up with that?) word has it that the line will be rolled out to the Great White North by the end of 2011.

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And in Canada it’s legal for everyone to marry. Hooray! For, without that very important piece of legislature, beautiful moments like this would never get to happen.

Go ahead. Try to watch the entire thing without shedding a tear or two. If you can, then – clearly – you’re dead inside.

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