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We all know that the word FREE pretty much leaves the vocabulary of a bride-to-be. So hooray to the powers-that-be for waiving the admission price for the January National Bridal Show (although, who’s kidding who? They’re not stupid: they know how much money is going to be dropped over one short weekend.)
Here’s the registration link to get in for FREE!
What: The National Bridal Show
Where: Direct Energy Centre (CNE Grounds); New Hall – Hall B
When: January 28 – 30, 2011 (exact times here)

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It’s that time of year again: the Christmas trees and tinsel comes down and brides everywhere start girding their loins & donning their sturdy shoes for the full contact sport that is Bridal Boutique Sale Season.
Now, these events are NOT for the feint of heart or the casual browser; no, no… only the heartiest of souls with the strongest of convictions (a sturdy gait and a healthy hip check help as well) should attempt these outings. And it’s best to bring reinforcements (you have a bridal party… here’s where they’ll come in really handy!)
More than just the bog standard trunk sale, a bridal blowout (usually held at a hotel or events centre due to their sheer size) sale is ideal for the bride who’s willing to fight for an affordable dress. And when price tags can creep upwards of the 2-grand mark, it’s worth looking into attending if you have an idea in mind for your dress to end all dresses.  With prices that start at $199, it’s certainly worth a shot.
Amanda Lina’s annal event starts tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 6) and runs until Sunday (Jan. 9). I attended this sale a few years back when one of my BFFs was getting ready to say her I Dos.  And, though she didn’t find her dream dress there, there were plenty of happy ladies who did.
Want the deets?
What: Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique Bridal Blowout Sale
Double Tree by Hilton (655 Dixon Road Toronto, ON)
Jan. 6 & 7 (12 – 9pm); Jan. 8 (10am – 6pm); Jan. 9 (11am – 5pm)

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Okay, I’m the furthest thing from a Royal Watcher (my mom has held that position in our family for quite some time), but when I heard the announcement that Prince William and Kate Kate Middleton were officially engaged, I thought to myself, “now THAT is a televised event I’ll tune in for.”
I mean – even if you couldn’t care less about the Monarchy (I mean, seriously – I’m Canadian and even I think it’s an outdated concept… despite my heritage telling me I should swoon at its mere mention) you have to admit that there’s going to be some pretty ostentatious glitz & glamour (not to mention pomp and or circumstance) on display when those I Dos are said.
And now the latest is that young Wills has popped the question using his mama’s ring. You know the one: Princess Diana’s 18 carat sapphire? The one Prince Charles gave her when he proposed (oh, if only she’d known…) 30-plus years ago? That’s a helluva ring to be just sitting in a safe somewhere – so why not trot it out on another young, rock star princess, right?

Hopefully it’s not tainted by the previous owner’s unlucky marital history. And, hopefully, young Kate won’t also be sporting that early 80’s style worn by Diana when she walked down the aisle.
Just sayin’…

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