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Okay, I’m the furthest thing from a Royal Watcher (my mom has held that position in our family for quite some time), but when I heard the announcement that Prince William and Kate Kate Middleton were officially engaged, I thought to myself, “now THAT is a televised event I’ll tune in for.”
I mean – even if you couldn’t care less about the Monarchy (I mean, seriously – I’m Canadian and even I think it’s an outdated concept… despite my heritage telling me I should swoon at its mere mention) you have to admit that there’s going to be some pretty ostentatious glitz & glamour (not to mention pomp and or circumstance) on display when those I Dos are said.
And now the latest is that young Wills has popped the question using his mama’s ring. You know the one: Princess Diana’s 18 carat sapphire? The one Prince Charles gave her when he proposed (oh, if only she’d known…) 30-plus years ago? That’s a helluva ring to be just sitting in a safe somewhere – so why not trot it out on another young, rock star princess, right?

Hopefully it’s not tainted by the previous owner’s unlucky marital history. And, hopefully, young Kate won’t also be sporting that early 80’s style worn by Diana when she walked down the aisle.
Just sayin’…

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(are made of this)

Unfortunately, it’s not the dulcet tones of Annie Lennox’s honey-coated voice I’m imagining right now. Yep. The darker, crazed landscaping of Marilyn Manson’s world (in fairness, I do quite enjoy Mr. Warner’s version of the song as well; Annie’s just much prettier to look at) is where my head seems to travel at night.
I’m told it’s normal for a bride-to-be to have outlandish and ridiculous dreams of wardrobe malfunctions, absentee caterers and no-show guests. So I suppose coupling with that an incredibly anal retentive personality (seriously, I made poor LX wash his hands prior to letting him help me stuff our wedding invitation envelopes) pretty much guarantees that those nightmarish crazies are bound to go far beyond the deep end.
And that’s where my whacked-out dreams tend to be taking me as of late. On the plus side, I tend to wake up before my alarm – which sounds at 6:40am during the week – and even earlier on the weekends, effectively cutting short the absurdity of my subconscious meanderings. Of course, for someone who enjoys sleep, I’m not entirely certain this can be called a “plus side.” On the other hand, I do enjoy me my strong black coffee.
I’m finding that it helps to be marrying someone whom I consider to be, perhaps, the most stoic and sensible man alive. He listens quietly to my oftentimes frantic recollections of each night’s absurdity and then calmly reminds me that everything is going to be brilliant and beautiful and amazing. And he’s right. Everything will.
But I have an incredibly active and theatrical imagination. Why I’ve not yet channeled it into a money-making pursuit (and not just a creative one) I’m not sure. I really should look into that. If tales of vampires who glitter in the sun like a parade of Liza impersonators can be turned into a lucrative franchise, there has to be a place for what my mind can conjure. I’m just sayin’.
With only 77 more bridal-barmy sleeps before we say our I Dos, I think I can deal with the insanity of my brain. After that, though, I want it back. My brain that is. Granted, many would find it a less than sane place in which to reside. But I like it. And, after 40 years of living in it, I’ve come to appreciate it wholeheartedly.

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With only 95 days until LX & I tie the proverbial knot, the Merry Month of May seems to have slipped away with very little in the way of updating my little corner of the blogosphere. I’ve somehow managed to accumulate about 2 dozen partially completed projects (half-written blog posts, a couple of stagnating creative writing attempts, several poems that have failed to launch and a number of photographs still sitting on memory cards) and no time to finish them. Okay, that’s not entirely true… there’s always time. It’s a matter of prioritizing how you fill said time.

This past month has involved a LOT of wedding-y type things. But I’m happy to say that all the designing, second-guessing, redesigning, writing, fretting, and re-writing has come to an end and our invitations have all been printed and mailed. Le PHEW! As well, quite a few of the DIY details have been taken care of and, I do believe, I’ve freed up a huge block of personal creative time for myself.
I, for one, am WELL pleased with this.

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